Import iCloud Contacts to Outlook ~ How-to

There are situations where you want to gather your large list of iCloud contacts in one place i.e. Microsoft Outlook for better management of contacts and addresses. Importing iCloud contacts to Outlook is easy and can be done in few steps.

Steps to Import iCloud Contacts to Outlook

- Export iCloud Contacts to a vCard file
- Copy vCard file to your Windows PC
- Then use vCard Converter to Import vCard to Outlook

To import iCloud contacts to Outlook, you need to export iCloud contacts into a vCard files (standard format for storing contact information). So here the question arises is "how to export iCloud contacts in vCard file ?". Exporting iCloud contacts as vCard is easy, you just need to follows these steps -

  1. Open Address Book.
  2. From the View menu, choose View > Groups.
  3. Under the iCloud section, select All Contacts.
  4. Select the contacts you wishe to import into Outlook. To export all the contafcts into vCard, go to the Edit menu, then Select All. This will select all contact names.
  5. Then go to File menu, choose Export > Export vCard.
  6. Select a location to save the exported file. The file's name will be "vcards.vcf" by default.
  7. Quit the Address Book.

Once you've exported contacts from iClouds to vCard, copy the vCard files to your Windows PC having Microsoft Outlook installed and run vCard Converter to import resulting vCard file to Outlook.This way the process to import iCloud contacts to Outlook is complete and you can easily open, view, access iCloud contacts Microsoft Outlook.

To import iCloud Contacts to Outlook in a stress-free way, an apt solution is here - vCard Converter. vCard Converter is the tool you can trust upon to import all contacts from iCloud to Microsoft Outlook in 2-3 mouse clicks.

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